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Why Us?

In today's competitive market, an under-performing application will frustrate your customers and stunt your growth. We understand the technical challenges of building high-performance applications. EngineerApart specializes in providing cost-effective solution from expert engineers that specliaize in both server and client applications. Our engineering team is led by experienced principal level engineers who have previously worked at some of the world’s largest tech companies (Microsoft and Amazon to name a few).

We are headquartered in Silicon Valley but base our engineering in Guadalajara, Mexico. This allows us to be price competitive while being based in a convenient timezone.

We love and use opensource software. Check out our GitHub repository.

Services We Offer


Our team has over 35 years of combined experience in building reliable services that scale on multiple cloud platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.


Responsive web should be a backbone strategy for any product, and it is important that it be performant and responsive. We specialize in creating responsive, modern web applications, and absolutely love React.


We realize that mobile apps are vital for keeping your customers engaged and we know how to get your app stand above the rest. We build beautiful and robust mobile applications natively in React Native.


Integration with third-party services is crucial in expanding your customer reach. Our team of talented engineers can help you achieve the seamless experience that will surely satisfy your customers. We can assist you in integrating with payment gateway, security, order processing, and pretty much any other system out there.


Unable to find out-of-the-box software for your growing business needs? We can build custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements and propel your business forward. From inventory management software to online booking system; you name it, we can build it.

Tech Stack


Past Projects


Patrick Sears

Patrick sharpened his engineering and software skills at UC Berkeley, where he wrote computational mechanics in C and Matlab. At Microsoft, he helped launch the Bing search engine, and subsequently at Amazon, he managed a team of engineers to help bring Amazon Video to the public. Patrick’s most recent experience has been to leverage his Javascript and React experience to bring new experiences to News Corp’s, helping to increase lead generation by 3% and page performance over 200%.

Barry Steyn

Having worked as professional software engineer since 2004, Barry has worn all hats. From both management to lead architect, Barry has experience in front end, back end and customer relations. Barry excels in scoping projects and dealing with multiple stakeholders.

Kiky Tangerine

Kiky spent the majority of his career at Microsoft. He co-led the development of a master data management solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX. He was also responsible for the maintenance and development of Microsoft’s OneNote Online Web Client and APIs with over 25 million users. He also has been the Director of Software Engineering at a Vancouver-based startup, where he was responsible for managing and delivering the entire software solution.